A film by Carlos Boscio. Filmed at Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.


This is us messing around at a park with my a demo I recorded using Garage Band and the built-in mic of a laptop.

One of my favorite songs! (that I've written) I hope you guys enjoy. Shot this by the bay in Miami. I love that skyline!

Doing an outside thing, playing one of the songs off my debut album Tired Of Sleeping. Shot and Edited by Andres Delgado

This is a cover of Two Of Us. Shot in the heart of Hialeah at Ferny Coipel's "The Shack". We were lucky to catch Luifre before he had to head back to NYC on that same day. and we had a harmonica guest Bryan Menendez.

A new song thats going to be on the Album! Enjoy! Directed and edited by : Andres Delgado Camera assistant : Bryan Menendez

Rick moon is a Miami based artist. This is a cover of Rolling in the Deep by Adele, a great song. I decided to make my own version of it because i enjoyed the song so much. Video production and Editing : Andres Delgado

I really love the way this stairway sounded and it inspired me to write this song. i hope you all enjoy it! Filmed and Edited by Andres Delgado