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Cottage Scenes

by Rick Moon

Release Year: 2015

"I want to bring you to a place I know of. It’s a place down south, where the trees grow royal and wild under the warm amber lights, where we can play in the dark and wander among the leaves and the cigarette butts.  There’s a house there, a tiny little cottage hidden in a jungle of vines and half remembered melodies, with floors tracked backwards and forwards with magic and melancholies and reptilian fantasies where madmen chased mysteries, where we found and fought off our miseries, where music breathes and our songs filled those four walls through ease and disease. I want to bring you to the place where we saw the cottage scenes." - Travis James Cohen

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TIred of Sleeping

by Rick Moon

Release Year: 2012

"I moved to Miami in need of a new beginning. In 2009, I spent almost a year in a rehab center and I learned for the first time how to speak about my emotions.  It was almost like learning how to walk again. A beautifully positive experience. 

I got out and stayed sober for the next 2 years.   I started writing almost as soon as I got to Miami but it was different.  It was the first time I was on my own, musically and personally.  I started writing my own lyrics, a job that I always left to my ex-bandmate and childhood best friend, Luis Del Valle (Buscabulla).  For the first time there was no second opinion.  

Looking back, this was the beginning of me finding “my voice”.  To my surprise, the songs that I wrote were honest and profound.  Everything I was writing about was introspective and I suddenly felt the need to "move" people.  So I made a pop record in which all of the songs could be singles in their own way and I went as poppy as I could.  *laugh* I wanted to reach as many hearts as possible.  It’s an album of hope and moving forward." - Rick Moon

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