Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, 27 year-old Rick Moon is a singer/songwriter living and working in Miami, Florida. A lifelong student of songs, Moon grew up listening to teachers like The Beatles, Oasis, and Radiohead, with an affinity and a natural aptitude for music that started to blossom at a young age. He has been writing and producing songs since he was 12 years old.

While in Puerto Rico, Moon performed with a number of groups, most notably playing with the band, Scores, for 3 years, and holding the roles of songwriter, lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and pianist.  At 20 years old, due to a struggle with substances, Moon moved to Miami for a change of scenery and decided to pursue an education in Audio Production in order to further hone his craft.  Now sober, on June 7, 2012, Rick Moon released the poppy feel-good debut album, Tired Of Sleeping, which can be listened to on Spotify and Soundcloud and is available for purchase on iTunes.  Tired Of Sleeping received very positive criticism from people in NY, LA, Miami and Puerto Rico and it's title-song, Tired Of Sleeping, was placed in regular rotation on the radio in Puerto Rico rock station, Alpha Rock.

Moon released a second album in September 2015 called Cottage Scenes and is currently rehearsing to perform in Miami with his new band, Electric Lunch.  He will soon release in 2016 "a more exciting and experimental album" with his friend, Corey Perez.

My first album, Tired Of Sleeping, is an album about hope. It is an album about turning your life around and starting over. Cottage Scenes came from a darker place. I had two break-ups happen to me during the making of it: one musical project and a girlfriend. Also after a decent period of complete sobriety, I had started self-medicating again. It was becoming hard to be around people again so I decided to make an album completely on my own. I recorded it at the house where I was living which we called “The Cottage”.

I got inspired by albums like Crosby Stills Nash debut album, McCartney 1 and Nilsson Sings Newman. I’d been making pretty sonically complex music with another project, Ze Rep Tiles, and naturally that got me into the idea of making an album that sounded simple, folky and sweet. I wanted to be soothed and comforted and this album was my attempt at being there for myself.

Hopefully it can also do the same for you.
— Rick Moon
Tired Of Sleeping EP  Release Year: 2012

Tired Of Sleeping EP
Release Year: 2012

Cottage Scenes  Release Year: 2015

Cottage Scenes
Release Year: 2015